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How to Handle Common Problems Among Tenants

Updated: Feb 1

So if you have made the decision to invest in a rental property, you can only hope that everything should be smooth sailing until the property value goes up. Dealing with problematic tenants can make owning a rental property difficult. Many of those who invest in rental properties run into drama and conflict with tenants, making many investors regret their decision. Sometimes we have no way to prevent getting into contracts with undesirable tenants, even when we are careful. Luckily there are ways to deal with difficult tenants, here are some tips:

1.) Be confident and assertive. It is easy to back out of awkward discussions with tenants and do what you can to stay out of conflict. Many landlords often back out of arguments, often feeling out of control. You must handle sticky situations with confidence, 1. Once tenants realize that you will allow them to do whatever they want, many tenants will push the envelope. Tenants will walk all over you unless you handle your conflicts in an assertive manner.

2.) Do monthly property inspections until your property is clean. If you are dealing with messy tenants, you should tell the tenant that you will be doing monthly property inspections until your property is clean again, 1.

3.) Lay the rules out on paper. Tenants will be less likely to break the rules if they are written out in a contract or agreement, 2. Writing down your ground rules will also allow these rules to stick more in your tenant’s memories, 2. This also gives you legal leverage when tenants do break the rules.

4.) If bills cannot be paid, consider changing the living arrangement. If your tenant is going through financial difficulty, sometimes allowing another roommate into the property can help to ease the financial burden.

Much like any investment, managing a rental property can take a lot of work. You must view maintaining your rental property as preserving your assets. Time and meticulous care must go into your investment. Look at yourself as a business owner and not a landlord. Allowing people who rent your homes to destroy your investment and disrespect you will only harm you in the long run.

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