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  • Justin Billingsley

Can you Ski in Arizona?

When you think of Arizona weather the first things that comes to mind is definitely not skiing.

While it is possible to ski in Arizona, the state does not have large, natural ski resorts like those found in mountain states such as Colorado, Utah, and California. However, Arizona does have a number of man-made, indoor ski slopes that use snowmaking technology to provide a ski experience year-round. These facilities typically have small slopes and are more suited for recreational skiing and snowboarding, rather than challenging, advanced runs.

Additionally, some of the higher elevations in the state, such as the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, do receive natural snowfall and may have cross-country skiing and other winter sports opportunities. So Far in January 2023 the skiing in Flagstaff at the Arizona Snowbowl is excellent. If you are visiting Scottsdale or Phoenix for the Phoenix open or the Superbowl it is possible to to travel to Flagstaff in the morning ski for the day and be back in you hotel hot tub by dinner time.

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